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Rehabilitated hawks released into the wild

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Picture Courtesy AWC's Facebook Page Picture Courtesy AWC's Facebook Page

Three Red-shouldered Hawks are now flying high again in Alabama's skies.  After three months of rehabilitation and care at the Alabama Wildlife Center, the birds were released Friday morning.  The majestic birds of prey were released at the EBSCO Industries headquarters in Birmingham.  The Alabama Wildlife Center says their headquarters is an ideal environment of woods and water that is comparable to the natural habitat for the birds.

The hawks came to the AWC separately.  They arrived in May.  The first bird arrived May 19th as a very thin nestling rescued by the Northport, AL police. The police did not know the exact location of the bird's nest, and so AWC could not reunite the bird with its parents.  So they raised the bird until it was old enough to be released.  

The second Red-shouldered Hawk nestling arrived on May 22nd from Trussville. The property where its nest was located was cleared for development.  Although there were no injuries to the bird, it could not be released until it had developed enough to survive on its own in the wild.

The third infant arrived May 26th.  It was discovered on the ground with three dead siblings in Cherokee County. The person that found the bird did their best to feed and house it for two days, according to the AWC, before learning that the bird could be taken for care. But now, the bird is healthy and ready for flight. 

The AWC was founded in 1977.  It's Alabama's oldest and largest wildlife rehabilitation organization.  To learn more about the nonprofit organization or to volunteer,  click here.